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About us

Advance Factory 1998 CO., LTD was established on 25 September 1998. The company started as a manufacturer of cleaning product and the trading of sanitary equipment. Then, the company was expanding into insecticide and pest control product, such as insecticide’s chemical and pest control equipment. When the market was penetrating into industrial and food processor sector, the companywas focusing on the higher technology in order to setting up the new standard.Since the insecticide’s chemical couldn’t be used in food production line, the company was introducing fly trap machine, which was environmental friendly as well as convenience and easy usage. Nowadays, the company is shifting the product line into household by introducing the new innovative design of fly Killer machine. The company is looking ahead, with the experience more than 10 years the company keeps creating and continuously developing for customer as always.And this is our promise to you.

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Our Alliances
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